About us
We are travel agents and tour operators in Peru and Bolivia and we are specialized in hiking, trekking, adventure, and ecology and spiritual tourism beside the cultural and traditional tourism.  Our main office is located in Cuzco, the center and main city of the Inca Empire. . We have a network of branch offices, all connected and strategically distributed in the main towns in the countryside of Peru.For us travelling in Peru and Bolivia means to travel with confidence and security, besides meticulous attention and accuracy in each detail, our hospitality and friendship make of us the ideal companion and partner for your groups. We are tour operators and travel agents since 20 years, that gives us the maturity, security and confidence to be able to say “we know our work”, “we know Peru and Bolivia” and we know what a European partner expect from us for their groups. We are proud to present these two wonderful countries as we know them, because we love them.This presentation CD pretends to give the information necessary to make it easy for you to configure your own packages based on our basic packages referring also at the "main cities links", which are built as modules, to make your work easy and comfortable. All the information that you will find has the purpose to clarify most of the aspects of the trip, allowing you to explore the areas of your particular interest, this way it is easier to choose the itineraries and packages you find most interesting.
If you need specific information or need help, please contact us directly by phone or by mail.  It will be a pleasure to assist you.
Contact us in Oslo, Phones: +4747374784 / +4747374785, or by mail post@travelperu.no
Postboks 186 Økern 0510 Oslo
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