The White City

Located at the foot of Misti, Pichu-Pichu and Chachani volcano is also known as the White City by the color of their houses made of ashlar stone, occupy the second important place in Peru after Lima, due to their economic development and multiple natural resources, mainly emphasizing the agriculture and industry. Since pre-incas periods the footpath and irrigation channels fed their sunny and fertile fields, true samples of engineering that in spite of the years are used still. Arequipa shows splendid colonial mansions rigorously recovered. Besides of its mountain landscape offering a touch of balance and beauty, we find “The Valley of the Volcano” and one of the deepest canyons of the planets, “El Cotahuasi” and “El Colca”, enormous breaches in the terrestrial crust that reveal all the geological history of this part of the world and together with this invaluable landscape emphasize their varied flora and fauna and also their worked and calmed people.

Canyon del Colca
The canyon del Colca is the one of the easiest access, it extends in about 100 Kms, although it is deepening begins several kms after Chivay (a town to pernoct that is a reference to begin the activities at this zone) arriving at about 3,400 the deepest point on the button of the valley. The trip to the canyon is extremely interesting, not only for its beautiful landscape, but the great amount of platforms, colonial architectural monuments and flashy towns, flora (variety of cactus) and fauna (is possible to watch condors and auquenidos) that will go with us during all the journey. The recommended visit is for 2 days 1 night as minimum.

ACCESS: It is possible to arrive by highway (from Nazca, Puno and Tacna) and by plane (from Lima, Cuzco and Juliaca) and by train from Puno (Juliaca) and from Cuzco. The tourist places of connection are Cuzco to the northeast, Puno towards the south and to the North: Nazca, Ica and Lima.

Programs and Services:
1st Day: Reception, transfer and accommodation at the hotel.
City tour: Main Square, Church and Yanahuara Bay window, Temple and San Francisco Square, Convent and Cloisters of Santa Catalina, Cathedral, Temple, cupules and cloister of Company of Jesus and colonial mansions. Lodging.
2nd. Day: Breakfast. Trf Out Hotel/Airport
This program includes:
• Tranfers In/Out
• 01 Night at the hotel
• 01 Breakfast
• City Tour
This program does not include:
• Entrances to the tourist places
• Feeding, except breakfast.
• What is not mentioned in the program
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