Cajamarca Historic City

Located at the north of the Andes, Cajamraca sorrounded by a beautiful landscape and has a pleasant climate. Agricultural and cattle region recently developed in mining due to the gold arising. It reached its greater development between years 500 and 1000 as “Culture Caxamarca”. Around 1450, during the government of Inca Pachacutec, his brother Capac Yupanqui conquered the region and joined it to Tahuantinsuyo. On November 1532, Cajamarca was scene of one of the most transcendental events of the history, when a group of Spaniards commanded by Francisco Pizarro took to Inca Atahualpa as a prisoner, producing the encounter between two worlds, the origin of this mixture of races and a new period in the Peruvian history. On September 14th, 1986, the OEA declared Cajamarca as a Historical and Cultural Patrimony of the Americas.
Access: By plane (flights from Lima). By highway from Trujillo and Chiclayo. If you want to visit the archaeological site of Kuelap it is possible to do it from Cajamarca using the highway of Celendin (see program Kuelap, page XX).

Programs and Services:

3 days – 2 nights

1st Day: Reception and transfer to the hotel. Visit the city: Main Square, San Francisco church, Cathedral, Belen (old hospital of the viceregal period). Ethnography,Religiuos and Archaeological Museum, the rescue room of the Inca Atahualpa, Santa Apolonia hill, fantastic natural bay window where you can see the whole city and valley. Lodging.
2nd Day: Visite the “Alpes farm” and “Three Mills”, a place where the best horses “Caballo de paso” (a horse that walks on special way) grow up and the best cattle of milk production, “Otuzco Windows” great necropolis of crypts dug in stonework outcrops and to Colpa, a place where the cows are called by their names for the respective milking, the typical town of Llacanora and the caves of Callacpoma, when we will find Rupestrian Art. Return. Lodging.
3rd Day: Transfer from the hotel to the airport or station.
This program includes:
• Transfer In / Out
• 02 Nights at the hotel.
• 02 Breakfasts.
• City Tour
• Exc. Full Day to Otuzco Windows and Colpa • Personalized and assistance guide
This program does not include:
• Entrances to the tourist places
• Feeding, except breakfast
• What is not included in the program
• The entrance can be change either by plane or by bus

4 1/2 hours

Excursion to the archaeological group of Cumbemayo where you can watch the forest of mysterious and capricious stones called “Fraylones”, then we will visit the registrations of the petroglyphs, altars, sacrifice stones and the aqueduct of more than 3,000 years of existence, a great work of hydraulic engineering, unique in America pre-Colombian (channel with points that take their waters from the slope of the Pacific toward the Atlantic).

5 hours

Excursion to the handcraft factories of Huambocancha where works of carved stone, and granite are made, then we will go to Porcon Alto, pine forest, farms of guinea pigs and rabbits, barns, milky products factory, Monkey park, deers, vicuñas and other native animals (a small zoo) is a successful animal organization, unique in Peru.

11 hours

Located at 120 Km of the city an interesting archaeological complex, it has a pyramidal construction of 120 Kms. of height, built with superposed platforms. The area belongs to the former period of Chavin surrounded by vast cultivation areas. We will visit also the Site Museum, Pampa de Cardón and the province of San Pablo.

06 hours

Regular ervice: Service in a public bus to Trujillo or Chiclayo.


Reception at the airport or bus station and transfer to the hotel or vic versa (includes private bus and a transfer person).

03 hours

See CAJAMARCA first day

05 hours

See CAJAMARCA second day