Name of the package: GALAPAGOS between sea and land

Duration: 4 days – 3 nigths
Price starts at: $ 0 per person ( double )
Destination: Galápagos
Type of tourism: Sun and Beach

* excursions
* Transfer In-Out
* Accommodation for 3 night
* All meals
* Bilinguel guide

Does not include:
* Ticket air $ 395.36
* Tax to the National Park Galápagos
* Unspecifc charge
Galapagos is located in the South Pacific. It is considered to be one of the most prestigious national parks in the world, and of course the most important tourist attraction in the country. The area has been entitled Protected Area and World Mankind Heritage because of its unique wild beauty.

Description of the trip
The islands are surrounded by crystalline waters with authentic marine treasures underneath. You are able to observe marine life by a scuba diving tour along with sea lions by your side. A truly extraordinary experience for nature lovers! Once on land, there will be other animal and vegetable species to observe, as well as some geographic wonders like the volcanoes rising from sea level.
This trip is certainly an unforgettable experience for those who recreate in natural life and sport activities.


Day 1
Charles Darwin cientific station

Day 2
Island Plazas/Seymour

Day 3
Tour Bahía- Tortuga Bay

Day 4
Cracteres Gemelos/Airport


Description of the trip

Travelers will arrive to Guayaquil City where they will stay overnight. Here they will get to know the main tourist spots during a brief tour.
The following morning you will departure to the Enchanted Islands from the air terminal Simon Bolivar. Here begins an exciting adventure full of paradisiacal landscapes where not only you will watch magnificent primitive vegetation, but a wide variety of wild animals. All this is framed by a diversity of pleasant climates.
During the four days scheduled in the islands you will meet some of the species that are elements of the rich fauna of this region like: giant turtles, seals, iguanas and birds. And of course you must take a bath in the tranquil waters of the South Pacific.
In addition, when traveling from one island to another you will be able to observe other sea creatures such as dolphins, sea lions and mantarayas, contrasting with a background of colorful fish.
Your return flight will take you back to Guayaquil city. Upon arrival in the afternoon, you will be placed in your accommodations and will have the rest of the afternoon and evening free for relaxation. You could purchase souvenirs at the stores nearby if you’d like.
The next day you will be provided with transportation to the air terminal to take a flight to Lima City. A city tour and a museum visit await you upon arrival.
Departure to Cuzco is scheduled for the following morning. At this location you will be part of small excursions to the Cathedral, Koricancha and the four remains. You will spend the night in Cuzco.
Be prepared to travel by train to the largest archeological complex in the country, Machupicchu, the next morning. Machupicchu is the lost city of the Incas. It is located approximately at 80 miles from Cuzco. It possesses natural beauty, and archaeology and cultural unique value like no other.
Then, you will return to Lima on the tenth day. You may use the afternoon and evening for shopping or other personal activities.
An airplane will take you back to your final destination on the next day