A privileged place of the country with beautiful landscapes and a particular geographic location, it is the favorite destiny for nature lovers, mountain climbers and those enthusiastic of adventure sports who arrive for the interminable natural attractions, healthy weather and their warm people. Region of perpetual peaks like the Huascarán wich is one of the highest mountains of South America, or the Alpamayo “the most beautiful mountain of the world”, multicolor lakes like LLanganuco, Parón or Churup; pure and crystalline waterfalls and many other attractions that make the “Cordillera Blanca´, a unique place in the world. The visit all over this Andean high valley, between a lovely countryside, is complemented with its quiet towns, colorful markets and archeological ruins, like Chavin de Huantar (first culture of the Peruvian civilization). In this region, the Adventure, ecology and Cultural Tourism remain at a very important level.

Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity. This millenarian temple (almost 3000 years old) has an archeological complex of incredible cultural value, there we can admire remains of extraordinary cultural value, like the lance of Chavín, the stone heads, the stone of Choquechinchay, an impressive net of internal galleries or labyrinths, columns, and a big ceremonial square with sets of steps. All this has the shape of a pyramid.


The Huascaran National Square is still preserved. Built in 1975, it is 160 km long from south to north and 20 Km. wide from east to west. Its landscape includes the whole Cordillera Blanca, the highest tropical cordillera of the planet. It has ecological floors go from 3500 m. to 6768 m. with an extension of 723 Km2 of glaciers and they represent the 26% of the tropical glaciers, with more than 200 summits reaching the 5000 m. and 30 that exceed the 6000 m. The Huascarán National Square contains a hydro energetic reserve estimated in 693.72 Km2 of glacier, 224,580 m3 of water, and 28.14 km2 of lakes that spill their water to 41 rivers. It has a varied hydrography that determines the existence of micro climates; besides its four climate regions and seven zones where 104 families live, and 112 animal species have been identified, between mammals and birds. In its varied sylvester flora, which stands out are the orchids and the famous Puya Raymondi from 10 to 12 m. tall, which has the greatest inflorescence of the vegetal kingdom. All this attributes determined made the UNESCO declare it “Natural Patrimony of the Humanity” and “ Biosphere Reserve ”.

Geography and Location:

Capital of the department of Ancash with 67.000 inhabitants, located at 3090 m. high at 419 Km. to the north of Lima, at 336 Km. to the south east of and a 554 Km. to the southeast of Chiclayo.

Access to Huaraz is by bus (in spite of having with an airport, commercial flights are not ready yet), you can come from Lima or Trujillo, which are the two connections for tourist destinies.


3 days - 2 nights

1st Day: Reception, and transfer from the the bus station to the hotel. Lodging.
2nd Day: Visit to the ruins of Chavín de Huantar. In the journey we will visit Querococha Lake and will pass the Cordillera through the Cahuish tunnel. Visit to the archeological complex, looking at the famous Lance, Stone Heads, Galleries, etc. Return to Huaraz. Lodging.
3rd Day: Transfer from the hotel to the bus station.

This program includes:
• Transfers In/Out.
• 02 Nights at the selected hotel.
• 02 Breakfasts.
• Tour to Chavin de Huantar ruins.

This program does not include:
• Feeding, except breakfasts
• Entrances to the tourist places
• All what is not mentioned above

4 days – 3 nights

1st Day:
Reception and transfer from the bus station to the Hotel. Lodging.
2nd Day:Visit to the lovely Callejón de Huaylas, with its typical towns and the beautiful LLanganuco Lake, which water of torques color reflects the majesty of the mythical Huascarán. During the tour we will visit Caraz city. Return to Huaraz, visiting the handcraft center of Tarica. Lodging.
3rd Day: Visit to the ruins of Chavín de Huantar (See HUZ - 001 - Day 2). Lodging.
4th Day: Transfer from the hotel to the bus station.

This program includes:

• Transfers In/Out
• 03 Nights at the selected hotel
• 03 Breakfasts
• Excursions to LLanganuco Lake/Callejón de Huaylas and Chavín de Huantar ruins.

This program does not include:
• Feeding (except breakfasts)
• Entrances to the tourist places
• All what is not mentioned above


Full Day

See HUARAZ- second day
Additionally we will ascend toward the Cordillera by a winding way to arrive at the highest place “Portachuelo of Llanganuco”(4765 m. high), from where we have an impressive panoramic view of the more representative mountains such as the Huascarán, Huandoy, Chopicalqui, Pisco, Chacraraju and Yana Paccha. After a deserved rest we begin a walk along María Josefa path, and after one hour we could see the varied flora and fauna.

Full Day

Excursion to this easy access glacier, within the National Huascaran Square. In the journey we will admire the beautiful Puya Raimondi, the most important representative of the Andean flora, sources of Pumabamba gassy water and a few meters away the Puma´s eye water (Pumashimin) of changing colors, and Rupestrian Art on rocky walls. Then we will arrive at the abra of Huarapasca, and after a 30 minutes walk we will arrive to Pastoruri snow mountain; moreover you will feel the emotion of sliding down natural toboggans.

Full Day

Departure with direction to the Cordillera Blanca. Following the left margin of the river Quilcay in a vehicle we will arrive to Pitec, located at 17 Km. from Huaraz city and its 3900 m. high we will start a 4 km walk which will take us to Churup snow mountain and to the lake of the same name that is characterized by its crystalline waters that reflects the snow mountain, surrounded by quinua crops and abundant quisuar. Return to Huaraz.

7 Hours

Regular service: Direct service to Lima. Departures in the morning and in the evening.
Private service: Service on a bus or mini-bus visiting the Paramonga Fortress

9 hours

Regular service : Normal service. Only night departures.
Private service : Service on a bus or mini-bus, visiting the Sechin Ruins in Casma.



Reception at the bus station and transfer to the hotel and vice versa (includes private bus and a transfer person).

03 hours

Visit to the Regional Museum, Temple of Lord of Lonelyness, Jose Olaya typical street, trout hatches and Monterrey Thermo Medicinal baths.

Full Day

See HUARAZ-002 second day

Full Day
See HUARAZ second day