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Mystical Peru (17 days - 16 nights) CODE PERU 010
Lima - Arequipa - Cuzco - Puno - Lima

1st Day : IN LIMA
Reception and transport to the selected hotel. Roundtable and introduction to the andean view of the world. Overnight.
Visit to the City. In the afternoon, we will start our trip by the incredible “Ruta de Wiraccocha” which would take us to the PACHACAMAC God sanctuary, reknown oracle of the “talkative god” who predicted future. Upon familiarizing with this sanctuary. Return to hotel. Overnight.
Transport to the airport, flight to Arequipa; reception and transport to the hotel. In the afternoon visit to the Santa Catalina monastery and to the main attractives of the Andean “White City” (Ciudad Blanca Andina). Overnight.
Departure by car the Cañón del Colca. Along the way, we will go past the volcano CHACHANI. Then we will be able to appreciate the spectacular landscape sights, charged with nature such as the camels in Pampa Cañahuas, the famous COLCA windows, the MOLLIPUNKO caves, with petrogliphs, the migrant birds sanctuary in TAQRA, the rock forest with natural formations in PURUÑA until arriving at the upper section of the trek (4.800 m.) atPATOPAMPA. We wil enjoy then the natural Altar of the volcanoes valley, and the illuminating vacuum at the CAÑON DEL COLCA, until descending the trek that takes us to CHIVAY. Lodging. Optional visit to the CALERA THERMAL SPRINGS. Overnight.

Departure to the altar of the “CRUZ DEL CONDOR” canon, magic and ancestral point which permits to focus on the telluric force of the canon in order to celebrate joining rituals with the air element, where the condor (in his spectacular
flight) represents a symbolic deity. We will go to join the pre-Inca territories of the KOLLAWA and CABANA cultures, going through the colourful towns of PINCHOLLO, MACA and YANQUE with its colonial temples and its observatories of ANTAHULQUE AND CHOQUETICO from where we could observe the hanging caves, and the BEAUTIFUL landscape of the VALLE DEL COLCA with its astonishing platforms. Overnight.
Transport to the airport and flight to CUZCO, reception and transport to the hotel. Expositions about beings and fields of power in the Andes. In the afternoon city tour rediscovering the INCA fortress among colonial buildings such as temples, old mansion houses, squares and museums in site. Overnight.
7th Day: CUZCO
Pilgrimage to “the world centre”, Qosqo and to different energy lines which reach the INCA power altars and sites. We can contact nature forces through water rites at TAMBOMACHAY, with the air at ILLAPATA, with the land at AMARU MACHA and with fire at SACSAYHUAMAN. We will be free to choose an adequate place and time for lunch, dinner and return to hotel. Overnight.
Tour to the Sacred Valley in a private vehicle. Following the route to the CHINCHERO MARA route we would be able to appreciate (to the ANTISUYO), beautiful landscape, large architecture sites with a fascinating history, colonial buildings and a coloured indigenous community. We will go inside of the extraordinary religious mythical sanctuary of OLLANTAYTAMBO, purifying process and pray to the sacred source of the ÑUSTAS, and to the INCA MISANA as preparatory phases in order to contact the sidereal power: the CHACHAPUMA, the CONDOR and the TEMPLO DEL GRAN THUNUPA, enabling the precise instant for salutation and meditation in each enclosure. Further on, we may appreciate the great PACARECTAMPU pyramid, axe of the world and site of the mythic-historic Genesis of the Incas. At sundown we may say goodbye with coca leaves at the Sun Temple. Overnight.9th Day: SACRED VALLEY/MACHUPICCHU
Departure from OLLANTAYTAMBO to AGUAS CALIENTES, and continue the trip until arriving at the MACHUPICCHU fortress – sanctuary. Upon arrival, we will have a guided visit to the main archaeological groups (socio-cultural) to understand the mythic vision of the INCAS. We will also have access to sacred places built in harmony with nature and the cosmos, where we will participate in the old thoughts by means of energizing chains, sacred songs, meditation and Andean offerings. Optional visit to thermal springs. Overnight.

Return from the URUBAMBA valley along the WILLKAMAYA river, which surrounds all thevalley. We will pass by colourful towns such as URUBAMBA, YUCAY and CALCA until arriving at PISAC, where we will visit archaeological site, mainly the district of INTIWATANA, where we may greet the spirits of the mountains and make offerings to the Sun. Later, in TIPON we could reinforce our spirit by making close contact with the sacred INCA fountains, with magnetic and crystalline water, required for our rites of purification and activation of energy centres. Visit to the archaeological TIPON park. Overnight at Cuzco.

11th Day: CUZCO

Free Day. Overnight.

12 th Day: CUZCO/PUNO
Tourist bus to the main trek of “Iniciados” the “CAPAC ÑAN”. The WIRACOCHA temple will be the centre of our meeting with senior masters, which will assist us in establishing our deepest petitions. Trip to PUKARA town. where will first familiarize with a group of enigmatic TOTEMS, decoding its hidden symbols. Then we will go the “KALASAYA” temple where we will celebrate the “JATUN KARPAY” ceremony of beginning. Overnight.
Visit to the TITIKAKA solar bay, where we meet the genesis of the sun culture in 7 centres of Energy of Solar Men (lupakas) who are reactivated for this new era, and extend all along the Inca Sacred Lake. Visit to CHIMU village, whose inhabitants are famous for their cattail buildings and as fishermen. We will then continue to CHUCUITO, temple-observatory which contains a group of lithic phallus symbolising cosmos fertility, and which solar lines determine the solstice and equinox. Then, in SANTIAGO we will start pilgrimage by the Valley of Spirits (Ajayu Marka) to meet the snake altars, the puma and the cóndor until arriving at the inter-dimensional mystery door of the Aramu-muru master, where by means of mantralization and salutation, we will try to contact the great Abby of Fraternity of 7 rays at the north of the Lake Titikaka, in order to attract energy vibrations of the cosmos into our world. Afterwards, we will continue till Pomata, legendary ethnic who protect pumas and 7-centre head hosting with a colonial temple which contains a Masonic-christian-andean mystisim. On the way back to Puno (Chucuito) we will watch the lupaka de Juli centre where Christian evangelization took place by Spain. It is also known as the small “Aymara Rome”. Further on, a path will take as to Copamaya aymara altars built in rocky platforms which looks like andean offerings. Box Lunch. We will continue to the seventh energy centre at the golden Charcas beaches, a place in the lake where we will make an offering to the lake goddess known as Mamaccocha. Overnight.
Departure to the Uros floating islands among the cattails, habited by misanthropic fishermen considered as the inheritors of the oldest race of America, who assume their way of living by their multiple use of cattail. Upon visiting their local museums, with birds, fishes, preserved vegetal, and a particular crafting with daily habits design. We will then visit the sacred lake, until arriving at the heavenly island of Amantaní to start ascending to the top of the sacred mountains containing the ceremonial centres of the Pachata – Pachamama, where the male and female lines that cross every part of this planet converge. Overnight at the community of Amantaní.

Previous morning walking by the square and Amantaní surroundings. We going sailing at the Taquile island where we will contact a sui-generis society, inhabited by indigenous Quechua-speakers, and weaving masters with ancestral practices. At the island we may appreciate the beauty of its landscape, their way of living which has not evolved along the years, their typical crafting with symbolic designs, their folk music, and their archaeological remains influenced by the Tiahuanaco culture.Coming back, on the way we will appreciate the great flora and fauna forming the Titikaka National Reserve. Overnight.

Transport to the airport. Along the trip we will visit the ATUNKOLLA village, where we will find the great Necropolis of SILLUSTANI fortress, located at the top of a plateau and surrounded by the mysterious lake UMAYO. At the plateau you can see a group of funerary cyclopean towers attempting against gravity, mainly the lizard tower and the twelve angles tower. In addition to the rectangular and round base towers, we could also appreciate platform systems, mythical complex, ceremonial altars, sacred holes and the INTIWATANA where we can consecrate ourselves as Sons of the Sun for this New Era. fly to Lima. Transport to hotel. Overnight.
17th Day: LIMA/OUT
Transport to the airport. Flight out to homeland

This program includes:
• Transports hotel-airport, hotel - bus and train station and vice-versa.
• Lodging in selected hotels with continental breakfasts.
• Special service itinerary bus,: Lima – Huaraz –Lima.

• Tourist Bus Puno – Cuzco.
• Excursions: Huaraz: Callejón de Huaylas, Chavín de Huantar. Cuzco: City Tour, Sacred –Valley and overnight at Machupicchu. Puno: Sillustani, Uros and Taquile, Lima: City + Museum.
• Transport to Machupicchu in Autovagon train service, including the entrance and the bus to go up and down the fortress, 1st day.
• Personal assistance and guidance
This program does not include:
• Meals with breakfasts
• Entrance to the tourist attractive, excepting Machupicchu
• Domestic Flights: 02
• Anything not specified in “This Program Includes”.

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